Balancing Your Chakras to Heal Emotional Eating

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Energy Balancing of the Chakras, when mixed with hypnosis, might help an individual shed pounds and feed the “Hungry Heart” of emotional consuming. I’ve seen many obese persons are “leaking” power in what I named the “Hunger Chakra” positioned within the “basin” of the decrease abdomen, also referred to as the Sacral Chakra space. If you’re challenged with the frustrations of extra weight and “yo-yo” weight-reduction plan, ask your self these questions:

• Are you at all times Hungry?

• Have you tried every little thing to shed pounds?

• Have you wasted sufficient of your valuable time, power and cash on this weight launch downside?

If you answered sure to any of those questions, then maybe you could go deeper beneath the layers of the load loss puzzle to discover a lacking piece….Chakra Balancing.

Knowledge of the Chakras is historical and new scientific analysis provides credence to this concept. The historical Hindus specified that we have now 7 Sacred Energy facilities working from the bottom of your backbone to the highest of your head which correspond to sure bodily organ features, psychological features, emotional and non secular facilities. Their interconnected stability performs a profound position in each side of your life and properly being. According to latest scientific research, every Chakra location corresponds with a significant bundle of nerves starting on the base of your backbone and ending on the mind’s cerebral cortex. If any Chakra is blocked or imbalanced attributable to worry, stress, damaging programming or inactivity, then your general properly being is affected. You may even sense a deficiency or imbalance in that space if it feels constricted or chilly/scorching otherwise you really feel stress or ache in that space.

Your Sacral Chakra is positioned within the sacral area of your physique about two inches down out of your navel to your pelvic space. The Sacral Chakra is “the seat” or the origin of our instinctual cravings, wishes and ordinary responses-and is intimately related to emotional consuming. Desires, impulses and cravings rule the Sacral Chakra. They are for meals, intercourse, relationships and procreating. This can also be the place the instinctual “Hungry Beast” resides, the a part of your unconscious thoughts that simply desires to be gratified and feed on a regular basis. So how do you quiet the “Hungry Beast” whose voracious urge for food consistently calls for to be fed? In order to “tame” the Hungry Beast, there are discovered dangerous habits, discovered behaviors and an unhealthy way of life to handle; in addition to the problem of emotional consuming used to medicate, sooth or repress feelings. Digging even deeper, there may be the Spiritual Hunger that yearns to be feed to fill the “gap within the soul” that no meals will ever fill!

The thoughts and can energy exerted to “beat” the Hungry Beast into submission by way of strict diets and deprivation, do not work in the long term. It is human nature to need what we’re disadvantaged of-setting most up for a binge. Your physique is wired to hunt power when it’s ravenous. To fulfill that Spiritual Hunger nonetheless, your Heart Chakra, positioned within the middle of your chest is the good healer and transformer and balancer of all of the Chakras. Only by way of the knowledge of your Heart Chakra, working in live performance together with your “Hungry” Sacral Chakra, the necessity to obtain Balance might help to tame the Hungry Beast.

Listen together with your Heart Chakra! Treat your physique as your individual greatest friend-with respect, care and compassion. Listen to your physique’s wants and messages to you. Ask your physique: What do you want? What sorts of meals do you could gasoline properly to really feel properly? Are you actually hungry-or do you could be nourished and comforted by love and kindness-reaching out to a beloved one-or to increase love or a serving to hand to a different? Do you could transfer and stretch your physique? Do you could absorb a deep scrumptious breath? Or are you ravenous for some “me” time? A quite simple train to Balance your Hungry Sacral Chakra is to attach with the therapeutic and transformative power of the sacred Heart Chakra. The Technique is as follows:

First rub your fingers collectively and place considered one of your fingers your sacral space about two inches down out of your navel and your different hand over your coronary heart. You can simply “join” together with your chakras by way of your life breath…..simply observe the movement of breath shifting out and in as you launch, calm down and let go into your physique as you think about your breath is rather like the movement of the ocean waves. Imagine the light movement of a radiant breath of sunshine shifting out and in by way of the middle of your coronary heart. Feel, sense or think about there may be an everlasting flame of sunshine inside the middle of your heart-the gentle of your soul. Feel this internal gentle develop brighter and extra radiant-opening up and filling all of the darkish areas and locations inside you and illuminating your life with love, forgiveness, peace and understanding. You may even permit your love gentle to develop brighter as you recall to mind a beloved one, the smile of a child, giggles of kids taking part in, a treasured pet, a gorgeous sundown or a scene in nature that takes your breath away!..Just keep a second right here.

Now think about a twine of spiraling gentle connecting out of your Heart Chakra to your Sacral Chakra and the twine of sunshine spirals up out of your sacral chakra and one which spirals down out of your coronary heart chakra intertwining like a double helix of spiraling gentle. The balancing colour of your Sacral Chakra is orange. As you’re inhaling and exhaling, think about a golden orange ball of sunshine warming your stomach space and filling it with gentle. Allow its orange glowing radiance to glow brighter and brighter. Feel the sunshine filling any empty areas and locations inside your stomach with the heat and radiance of the solar.

Imagine this space as an open vessel, a bowl of sunshine that opens and receives this good optimistic power and turns into revitalized and recharged and full. Take in as a lot as you could absorb and feels good to you. Now rotate your fingers first in a clockwise after which counterclockwise place 7x to stability and anchor this power inside your physique. Next, verify in together with your physique and ask what it actually wants….Listen to your physique. Now repeat the next affirmations out loud:

I’m related to my Divine/Source power

I’m loving and compassionate

I recognize my physique and deal with it with respect

I attract vitality

I honor my physique and its wants.

I really feel my feelings and I’m related to my middle of properly being,

I honor my feelings as they’re my inside information.

I attain out to the world in wholesome methods

I’m nourished by wholesome relationships

I set up wholesome boundaries.

I’ve a wholesome relationship to my physique and to meals.

I’m grateful.

I honor and recognize the energies of those chakras in my life. I’m related to Source/Divine power.

I radiate good well being and wellbeing.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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