Benefits of an Electrocardiography (EKG)

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Electrocardiography, or EKG, is a medical machine that reads {the electrical} exercise of the guts. EKGs are normally used to observe the guts throughout an electrocardiogram check, or stress check. The EKG stress check checks for adjustments or abnormalities within the coronary heart throughout train. Often instances, coronary heart abnormality signs solely current throughout train or below stress. The stress check safely stresses the guts and data any irregular or irregular conduct.

An EKG stress check is normally preformed in a physician’s workplace, clinic or hospital. The check outcomes are then learn by a physician. Before the check, electrodes are positioned on the affected person’s arms, legs and chests. The electrodes are then hooked to an EKG to file the guts’s exercise on a bit of paper. The chest could also be loosely wrapped with an elastic band to maintain the electrodes from falling throughout train. A blood strain cuff is wrapped across the higher arm to examine blood strain charges each jiffy in the course of the check.

To stress the guts the affected person both walks on a treadmill or pedals on a stationary bicycle whereas being monitored by the EKG. The check is normally preformed in three levels, every lasting three minutes. After every three-minute stage, the resistance or velocity of the train equipment is elevated. On each the bicycle and treadmill, the guts price, EKG and blood strain is repeatedly recorded. Doctors additionally ask the affected person questions, similar to “How arduous do you are feeling the train is?” Answers are given from a 6 to twenty score of perceived exertion. The check continues till the levels are full or till the affected person reaches most coronary heart price, and the affected person begins to point out signs of stress, or the EKG exhibits decreased blood circulation to the guts.

Having an EKG could be very helpful to discovering abnormalities within the coronary heart. It may help discover causes of unexplained chest ache, determine the most effective remedy for individuals struggling with angina, learn the stamina of the guts, checks for blockage or bondage within the coronary heart, check energy of coronary heart drugs, and assist design an train program.

Many specialists imagine that anybody older than age 35 who can be usually inactive ought to have and train check to seek for “silent” coronary heart issues earlier than beginning a vigorous train program. In addition, as a precautionary measure, athletes, together with college students ought to think about having an EKG stress check accomplished to assist rule out any potential coronary heart circumstances.

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