How Numerology Works

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Our world in the present day is reclaiming again all its outdated misplaced information and utilizing the identical to assist us in our lives and numerology is likely one of the oldest sciences from the time of Pythagoras.

Physics and Chemistry relies on arithmetic and biology and Psychology relies on Physics and Chemistry, thus this makes numerology the bottom for all sciences.

We use numbers in on a regular basis of our lives, Each digit of the alphabet has a quantity assigned to it, It even guidelines astrology because the Sun, Moon and different planets, all have numbers assigned to them and have identified to affect everybody on Earth.

Everybody needs luck of their favor, and that too is dominated by numbers, There are three essential numbers that affect your life, Birth date, Life path quantity(By including all of the numbers of the date/month/12 months of delivery ), and the numbers that add as much as make your identify… Thus all of the hulahoo behind altering names or including a further alphabet to extend your ‘luck issue’

It could appear all hokey pokey to vary names and do particular issues on particular dates and so on, nevertheless it’s a very deep rooted science, It is there not solely in our ved’s but in addition the Tarot which originated in Egypt relies on numbers, Greece;s Phythagoras held numbers in very excessive esteem, likewise with native Americans and all the traditional cultures around the globe. It received misplaced someplace over time and now’s understood by those that have studied the identical in nice depth.

There is at all times an exterior or say paranormal power that brings us luck.

We can’t change what has occurred previously, however by realizing this science and understanding how numbers have an effect on us, we will use them to grasp our energy and weaknesses and thus be on the correct aspect of luck.

Numerology, which is part of astrology is examine of numbers and science that describes the affect of the heavenly our bodies upon mundane affairs and our life typically. Numerology signifies what’s prone to occur and its stopping measures.

Numerology can information,us about our character, abilities, goal in life and so on.

Here is a short of what all of the numbers and alphabets imply, there are two colleges of numerology as effectively, some take quantity 9 out of the final calculation whereas some embody it

What does your quantity says?


BIRTH DATES: 1, 10, 19 and 28

Numerology 1 belongs to solar and those who’re born on these dates are dominated by solar.

These individuals have nice vitality of life. That is why they don’t pressurized by the work load.

They have management qualities, will energy and are assured, Also they’re extra artistic and authentic in dealing with their work.


BIRTH DATES: 2, 11, 20 and 29

Numerology 2 belongs to moon and those who’re born on these dates are dominated by moon.

Living type and environment have excessive results on them. They ought to keep away from cool and darkish locations.

They are emotional, warmhearted very delicate and fairly intuitive in nature, they’re usually very pleasant and frank.


BIRTH DATES: 3, 12, 21 and 30

Numerology 3 is ruled by Jupiter. Those individuals who’re influenced by Jupiter ought to keep away from ego and be guided by self instinct. They ought to work independently. Interference causes psychological stress for them.

They have pure capacity to specific themselves in public and at all times make good impression. They have good writing and studying abilities.


BIRTH DATES: 4, 13, 22 and 31.

Number 4 is related to Rahu. Rahu is a shadow planet and is understood for ups and downs and likewise great deeds. People dominated by this planet are completely happy, however they do not really feel it, in any other case they’re at all times fearful concerning the illnesses.

They are accountable, self disciplined, trustworthy and honest, and have qualities of excellent organizer and supervisor.


BIRTH DATES: 5, 14 and 23

Their ruling planet is Mercury, they’re gifted, versatile, excellent at presenting concepts.

They love travelling and infrequently simply settle for its surrounding, this make them very adaptable.

They are intelligent and analytic in nature however someday a relentless in thoughts make them very impatient they usually get simply bored from routine they observe.


BIRTH DATES: 6, 15 and 24

Number 6 is dominated by Venus. They ought to guard there selves in opposition to coronary heart bother.

They are very useful, caring, and their diploma of concern for others could be very excessive.


BIRTH DATES: 7, 16 and 25

They are dominated by Ketu. This quantity stands for unconscious and magical will. Many friendships, sick mood, vociferousness and psychological stress.

They are the Perfectionist,at all times authentic,Self-centered, self-obsessed and little cussed

in nature.


BIRTH DATES: 8, 17 and 26

They are dominated by Saturn. They ought to keep away from taking any sort of toxicants, this may increasingly result in extreme well being points.

They have good government and judgmental abilities. Idealistic by nature, they wish to spend their time for a worthwhile trigger.

NUMEROLOGY 9 = no alphabet for quantity 9.

BIRTH DATES: 9, 18 and 27

They are dominated by Mars.They are extraordinarily delicate. They ought to keep away from impulsiveness, psychological nervousness and hypocratism.

Number 9 provides tone of idealism and humanitarianism to their nature.

They are broad-minded, tolerant and beneficiant additionally they’re delicate to different wants and feeling.

They are very sympathetic and compassionate.

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