Migraine Relief – Essential Oils to Use & Methods of Application for Best Results

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A synergistic mix of important oils will be more practical for getting the outcomes you need than any single important oil. The key pure important oils I like to recommend you utilize in a mix for migraine reduction, embrace:

Frankincense, Cypress, Peppermint and Lavender

LAVENDER ( Lavendula augustifolia ) – A common first support therapeutic oil Lavender is very scented and has a distinctly candy floral-spice aroma that is a little bit wild and woody.

Lavender is beneficial for relieving complications, particularly sinus complications, or complications associated to congestion and poor circulation.

Lavender’s actions embrace: Analgesic (ache reliever), Antispasmodic (calms nervous and muscular spasms, rigidity, ache and indigestion), Restorative (helps to strengthen and revive the physique programs), Sedative (soothing, tranquilizing, calming impact on the physique, good for nervous rigidity, stress, insomnia, anxiousness and palpitations) and Relaxant (inflicting leisure, relieving pressure or rigidity).

FRANKINCENSE ( Boswelia fereana ) – A strong and engaging wooden aroma that sweetly sparkles with freshness and a touch of spice. Traditionally Frankincense was used as an anointing oil because it was thought to own miraculous powers to heal nearly each conceivable illness.

Frankincense slows and deepens mobile respiration and has the attribute impact of comforting and centering you throughout occasions of misery. Very supportive and comforting oil.

PEPPERMINT ( Mentha piperita ) – Peppermint is a fluid, colorless oil with a distinctly penetrating scent. Peppermint acts as a regulator and has a soothing or invigorating impact relying on the circumstance for which you might be utilizing it.

Research has proven Peppermint to be efficient for relieving Migraine headache! Also useful for rigidity complications when ensuing from weak or poor digestive forces, congestion or sluggish circulation. An wonderful Liver tonic!

CYPRESS ( Cupressus sempervirens ) – Cypress oil has a distinctly clear, recent, woody aroma that is mild and clear with a touch of spice and is paying homage to pine and juniper berry. Cypress oil stimulates blood circulation and is restorative and calming.

Cypress oil’s highly effective astringent properties make it efficient for strengthening and firming the cardio-vascular and nervous programs and for relieving rigidity held deep throughout the physique.

Cypress oil is the important oil most frequently used to strengthen and assist wholesome functioning of the guts and circulatory system. Its astringent motion makes it efficient for situations related to congestion of lymph or blood circulation comparable to migraine headache.


Both of those strategies of application are efficient for relieving migraine headache ache. Research reveals that important oils will stay in your bloodstream for as much as 4-6 hours.

METHOD 1: Dispense 15 drops of your Migraine Relief synergy mix right into a 1 ounce bottle of service oil, shake properly and permit to synergize for twenty-four hours, or longer as time permits.

Dispense 1-3 drops of this Migraine Relief synergy mix in dilution, inhale and apply to your sinus factors, chest, higher again and belly areas. The oils will enter by means of the neurovascular factors positioned in these areas to successfully set off your leisure response for allergy reduction.

METHOD 2: Direct inhalation – Dispense 1-3 drops of your pure important oils mix onto a cotton ball. Breathe of their vapors for 30-60 seconds. Breathe in slowly and pause briefly in your inhaled breath. Then slowly exhale, letting go of any rigidity. Repeat this sluggish, rhythmic respiratory 5 extra occasions.

Aromatic oils stimulate your olfactory nerves which ship a sign to your mind’s neuro-receptors, triggering quite a few electro-chemical responses to advertise stability in your nervous system and assist relieve migraine headache.

Migraine Headache could also be a symptom of Dehydration. Water performs a particularly vital function in your weight loss plan and bodily capabilities. Many components of the mind draw a lot of their vitality from water. Water should be taken into the physique in its pure, pure state, optimally drink half your physique weight in ounces every day.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many low-cost, artificial copies of fragrant oils, however these aren’t really useful for therapeutic use. For greatest outcomes buy the best high quality oils you’ll be able to probably discover. Use licensed natural important oils, or oils which have been examined and are pesticide free.

Holistic MindBody Therapy, together with pure important oils, are light, noninvasive complementary types of well being look after balancing and synchronizing your physique, thoughts and spirit and a pure, protected and efficient strategy to improve your well being and well-being. Alternative well being care might produce satisfying outcomes the place different strategies have failed. Please seek the advice of along with your doctor concerning critical well being issues and don’t try and self diagnose.

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