The Hero’s Journey And Casablanca: Teaching The Monomyth

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Casablanca has all of it: shifting love story; beautiful artistry; and charming characters. It’s a basic movie that tens of millions watch many times. However, do you know that Casablanca was additionally an instance of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey? Here’s flip the movie into a useful gizmo for educating the Hero’s Journey.

The hero in Casablanca undertakes a quest of non-public progress and improvement. Rick has misplaced his manner, consumed by bitterness and longing. When he finds that he can have what he has so lengthy desired, he offers all of it up for a trigger and, in so doing, finds his manner once more. However, when the story is analyzed from the standpoint of the Hero’s Journey, first recognized by Joseph Campbell, it clearly incorporates every of the twelve levels within the Monomyth.

Learning in regards to the Hero’s Journey isn’t any simple feat, and breaking apart classroom lectures and studying can have a profound influence on the best way college students internalize and perceive the lesson. Before you present college students Casablanca, describe to them the idea of the Hero’s Journey. Provide them with a worksheet that they’ll full throughout scheduled breaks within the movie.

When discussing the Hero’s Journey along with your class, merely transfer by means of the twelve levels of the idea, noting that typically, like in Casablanca, the steps can seem out of order. The very first thing to determine is a fast abstract of the Hero’s Journey proven within the movie. Who is the hero? What occurred to her or him? One reply is that Rick progresses from a self-centered cynic to a caring particular person, capable of sacrifice a life with the lady he loves for the larger good of opposing fascism.

Working individually, in pairs, or as a category, describe actions within the movie which could manifest the twelve levels of the Hero’s Journey. Remember, some characters, like Laszlo, can have multiple operate within the story and a number of of the levels or archetypes (just like the Trickster) might be skipped or mixed. Make character lists to determine the archetypes of the Hero’s Journey that seem within the film and, for every, describe the operate it performs in telling the movie’s story.

Casablanca is a particular movie that, with just a little planning, can be utilized to show college students in regards to the Hero’s Journey. Giving college students the flexibility to acknowledge this archetype, and coaching them to use it in several circumstances, is a robust lesson and one they’ll use for years to come back.

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