The Pros and Cons of the Electric Dental Hand Piece

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Pros and cons are quite a few with the electrical dental drill as in comparison with the pneumatic or air pushed hand piece. Some of the benefits are of the electrical drills are their clean operation, low noise stage, and steady torque.

The medical doctors that I’ve talked to have sited the next benefits for the electrical dental drill. Electric drills supply extra torque with much less noise and vibration. They additionally supply a higher vary of speeds with a ahead and reverse choice. These drills additionally supply higher flexibility with the correct attachments. Most medical doctors report a smoother extra correct discount of dentin.

The similar medical doctors web site these disadvantages. They are bigger and heavier which may impact person fatigue. They are rather more costly to buy and restore than the standard air drill. Some have electrical drill restore prices exceeding $600.00 per unit. They do require a studying curve to make use of correctly. There are additionally an infection management points, we are going to deal with these points in additional element beneath.

Pneumatic or Air pushed high-speed drills have typical speeds as much as 400,000 rpm. Traditional low-speed pneumatic motor drills have most speeds as much as 40,000 rpm. Since these motors run to 40,000 rpm, most producers don’t wish to market them as high-speed drills when referring to electrical drills, though they’re marketed and offered for gross discount.

Note: The 1:5 attachment supplies a velocity vary of 5,000 to 200,000 rpm. Most medical doctors are referring to this as a high-speed and the 1:1 as a low velocity.

When drilling dentin with a conventional high-speed hand piece the rpm will scale back to about 200,000 rpm because of the torque discount. The electrical hand piece will expertise little or no lack of torque and continues at about 200,000 rpm.

So far, most electrical hand items don’t meet the some an infection management necessities. There are nonetheless some micro-motors that may’t stand up to the autoclave. The housing shouldn’t be the issue however the inside components could not stand up to the method.

When buying a brand new unit you could wish to ensure that the producer has addressed dental unit waterline (DUWL) asepsis. Service procedures to enhance the standard of water utilized in dental therapy can be found. Recommended strategies embody self-contained water techniques with a filtration system, and chemical therapy. Ask about alternative components on your electrical hand piece restore functions.

Note: If you employ faucet, or distilled water with <500 CFU/mL of micro organism in a self-contained water system you could not remove all bacterial contamination in your water therapy. Bio-films within the water should be managed.

Chemical germicides are the most effective resolution for bio-film contamination. Check with the producer to ensure that this problem has been absolutely addressed.

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